Lori Gruen on Samuel Dubose, Cecil the Lion and the ethics of avowal

In her Al-Jazeera America post today, Lori Gruen, author of Entangled Empathy, says: “I’ve always been leery of the zero-sum mentality that suggests if you protest against one injustice that means you privilege it over another injustice. This is a convenient and distracting narrative that weakens efforts toward social change. Who benefits when those struggling for a better world end up fighting with each other?” Her article brings to my mind those occasions on which I’ve been told that I shouldn’t be a feminist because men have problems, too. Feminist-interested folks should give this a read.

CFA: SWIP Ireland

Society for Women in Philosophy – Ireland
4th Annual Conference and General Meeting
November 27-28, 2015
Dublin, Ireland

Ways of Knowing: Feminist Philosophy of Science and Epistemology

Call for Abstracts

The 4th annual conference of SWIP- Ireland is on the theme of Feminist Philosophy of Science and Epistemology. The conference will investigate the ways in which issues relevant to gender influence conceptions of scientific knowledge, its methodology and justification. The conference will also be a forum for investigating the idea of situated and gendered knowledge and its connections with the theories and practices of the natural sciences.

Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:

– The social situatedness of knowledge

– Gendered ways of knowing

– Gender, power and knowledge

– Feminist perspectives on science

– The social and cultural dimensions of science

– Gender and the ideals of objectivity and value-neutrality

– Diversity in Science

– Science and the question of implicit bias

-Expert testimony and epistemic injustice in a scientific context

– Feminist standpoint theory

– The role of social and biological location in shaping knowledge

– The role of ethical and political values in science

– The epistemology of ignorance

– Gendered peer disagreement

The focus of the conference is primarily philosophical, however, contributions from scientists interested in gender issues are strongly encouraged and are very welcome.

Invited Speakers:
Professor Linda Alcoff (City University of New York, USA)
Professor Maria Baghramian (Universitiy College Dublin, Ireland)
Professor Helen De Cruz (VU University Amsterdam,​ Netherlands​)
Professor Kathleen Lennon (University of Hull, UK)

Papers directly relevant to the work of the invited speakers are also very welcome.

Please submit abstracts of not more than 500 words, prepared for blind review, by September 1, 2015 to maria.baghramian@ucd.ie. Successful applicants will be contacted by 25th September 2015.

Professor Maria Baghramian, MRIA
Co-Chair: Society for Women in Philosophy – Ireland
School of Philosophy
University College Dublin