6 thoughts on “Twitter, facebook, etc, in class

  1. Dmf, of course the objection is not to the use of technology, but rather to the interruption of a performance by the use of such technology. I don’t see how to fit you example into this worry.

  2. my point was that all too often the “performance” is in need of interruption, of course this is more aided by technology than caused by it but that goes both ways, no?

  3. No, in the cases we are discussing, there’s a performance or lesson for an audience. The use of technology the distracts from the performance is very different from the use of tchnology that enhances the performance or is part of it.

  4. ah well that assessment seems pretty one-sided/directional for today’s tech/social-mediation, reminds me of past attempts to limit reader-responses/uses to author-ial intentions but I’ll leave it at that, thanks

  5. Dmf, I think we haven’t agreed on basic terms here. Students’ use of electronic media can be part of a class, and audiences presumably might be given a similar role in a very different performance of Hamlet. None of this seems to me to validate your initial comments on teachers using media.

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