phlosophical babies – a new record?

From the Onion:


“This shatters all previous records,” University of Chicago psychologist Douglas McAllister said Monday. “In all of documented medical history, there is no case of a newborn taking less than four months to develop the mental faculties required to grasp the full extent of this existential nightmare we call life on earth.”

“Considering he already comprehends harsh realities that many people spend their entire fleeting, shallow existences attempting to deny, [6 day old] Baby Nathan is quite the little miracle!” he added.

Though he has not yet developed the capacity for speech, extensive cognitive testing has definitively shown that the shockingly perceptive 6-day-old fully understands and accepts that human beings cannot be trusted, that they remain far too ignorant for their opinions to be reliable, that a lack of self-awareness about their own destructive tendencies pervades the species as a whole, and that most are too ineffectual to successfully pursue even the shallow self-interested agendas that rule their lives.

When giving my 3 day old son a bath in a big training room at the Radcliffe Maternity hospital, I wasn’t even sure he had distinguished himself from the other babies.

2 thoughts on “phlosophical babies – a new record?

  1. Elise, I thought I had replied to this. Both my iPad and my iPhone seem to want to block my replies. I’m not bothered by the use of a white boy, because it is, after all, a joke and I think bringing in diversity might well have backfired. E.g., a little black female infant might have been seen as suggesting it is particularly absurd that such a child have reached any existential conclusions.

    That said, I’m not worried about the Onion. I went to look and really couldn’t tell in one visit whether it is more of a sexist mag then most of its ilk.

    What do you think?

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