Dialogues on Disability – Anne (“Doc”) Waters

The latest installment in Shelley Tremain’s excellent series of interviews with disabled philosophers is out today. This time, she interviews Anne (“Doc”) Waters about disability, indigenous/First Nations philosophy, transforming academia and other things:

Anne has lived with anxiety and depression for most of her life and is disabled in other ways. From her mother, she learned that privilege is something to be respected, never turned down directly, but rather transferred around, to be regenerated among less privileged people. She thinks that this is the most important lesson that she has learned about privilege and regards it as her own Native American principle of fairness. Her work also addresses the development in philosophy of transformative non-binary ontologies. She currently lives in her mother’s hometown of many generations, in the swamps of the Gulf of Mexico at the Tamiami Trail near the Withlacoochee River, where she spends much of her time hiking, writing poetry, and doing horticulture with her husband.

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