CFP – Women and the Canon

Call for Papers – Women and the Canon

We are pleased to announce a two-day conference on ‘Women and the Canon’ to be held at Christ Church (University of Oxford) on 22-23 January 2016. The venue and facilities are fully accessible.

This conference seeks to problematize received notions of canonicity, and therefore of artistic and intellectual authority, by approaching them through their relationship to gender. We will be pursuing options for publication of proceedings from this conference.

For full details, see:

Please send an abstract of 250 words with a brief biography by 15th September to the following email address:

We look forward to hearing from you,

The Organisers

UPDirectory Bulletin Board

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Ideas for first day of feminist philosophy class?

A reader writes:

I will soon be teaching a class on feminist philosophy. It has been a while since I taught this class. I was wondering what people do for the first day of class? I am thinking of asking people about what they think feminism is, but I’d appreciate hearing other suggestions.

For the first day, I thought about talking about some topical news things e.g. the media reaction to Caitlin Jenner’s coming out. But I wonder if that is too much too soon, especially since there might be trans students in class for whom people’s comments could be taken deeply personally.

In general, I am wondering how to encourage students to think analytically and philosophically, and expect to have their personal views challenged, but also bring their passion to the topic. If there is something that has worked for you, I’d love to hear it. Thanks!

Btw, I am using the _Feminist Theory_ anthology by Ann Cudd and Robin Andreasen, and also _Feminism: Issues and Arguments, by Jennifer Saul, plus PDFS of some articles.

Do leave your suggestions in comments!