CFA: Bowling Green Workshop in Applied Ethics and Public Policy

The Bowling Green Workshop in Applied Ethics and Public Policy

Policing and Prisons: Ethical and Political Questions about Law Enforcement and Incarceration

March 11th-12th, 2016

The Bowling Green Workshop in Applied Ethics and Public Policy will take place in Bowling Green, Ohio, March 11th-12th, 2016. Our keynote speaker is Douglas Husak (Rutgers).

Those interested in presenting a paper are invited to submit a 2-3 page abstract (double-spaced) by November 1st, 2015. We welcome submissions in all areas relevant to this year’s conference theme: the ethics of policing and imprisonment. We are especially seeking papers that address normative questions about police conduct, the limits of the criminal law, appropriate prison sentences, and the like. We will consider multiple approaches to the topic, not merely in legal and political philosophy, but also in normative ethics, metaethics, and applied ethics.

Only one submission per person is permitted. Abstracts will be evaluated by a program committee and decisions will be made in December 2015. Please direct all abstracts and queries to: Molly Gardner (

Further information about the Workshop and previous workshops are available on the workshop website:

CFP: East West Philosophers’ Conference

The East-West Philosophers’ Conference will be held in Honolulu in May.  Call for abstracts here.  The conference theme this cycle is “Place” and the conference has historically been amazingly inclusive.  So whether your area is feminist philosophy, indigenous philosophy, or of course any of the multiple Asian traditions, it’s well worth considering participating.