Dialogues on Disability – Ray Aldred

The latest interview in Shelley Tremain’s excellent series is out today. As readers will know, Shelley has been conducting a series of interviews with disabled philosophers. In this instalment, she talks to Ray Aldred:

A Métis disabled philosopher, Ray is currently working on a Ph.D. in philosophy at McGill University. Ray’s research covers a broad range of issues, including his persistent exploration of philosophical questions with respect to: embodiment; sexuality; care-giving; care-receiving; cognitive disability; physical disability; and mental illness. He has played drums in a few indie bands and his sources of enjoyment include: reading books in various genres, creating art, learning computer languages, and getting body art. Although Ray’s primary interests are philosophy and activism, he has recently developed an interest in computer security, privacy, and open-source software.

You can read the interview here.