New survey data on campus sexual assault

The results of a new student survey on sexual assault and sexual violence at elite American universities have been released. They suggest, in line with previous data, that sexual assault on college campuses is strikingly common. According to the Washington Post:

The survey from the Association of American Universities drew responses from 150,000 students at 27 schools, including most of the Ivy League. Researchers acknowledged the possibility of an overstated victimization rate, as there was evidence that hundreds of thousands of students who ignored the electronic questionnaire were less likely to have suffered an assault.

But the results add to growing indications that sexual assault is disturbingly commonplace at colleges and universities, especially among undergraduates living on their own for the first time. Though colleges already are on high alert to the problem — in part because of a White House task force formed last year to combat it — the survey findings underscore the seriousness and breadth of sexual assault’s impact, and how difficult it will be to curb it.

ETA: There’s also a further breakdown of the results via the Washington Post, for those who don’t want to read the full report.

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