Free readings at Claudia Card memorial: Philosopher’s Eye

From the Wiley-Blackwell Philosophy Blog, Eric Piper writes, “I wanted to pass on a memorial to Claudia Card that we’ve published on The Philosopher’s Eye. We have set many of Prof. Card’s key articles in Hypatia, the Journal of Social Philosophy, Metaphilosophy, and the Journal of Southern Philosophy free in recognition of her numerous contributions to feminist philosophy.”

This is a splendid way to mark the passing of a writer. Happy reading!

New Study: Gender Effect in Research Funding


We examined the application and review materials of three calls (n = 2,823) of a prestigious grant for personal research funding in a na- tional full population of early career scientists awarded by the Nether- lands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO). Results showed evidence of gender bias in application evaluations and success rates, as well as in language use in instructions and evaluation sheets. Male applicants received significantly more competitive “quality of re- searcher” evaluations (but not “quality of proposal” evaluations) and had significantly higher application success rates than female ap- plicants. Gender disparities were most prevalent in scientific disciplines with the highest number of applications and with equal gender dis- tribution among the applicants (i.e., life sciences and social sciences). Moreover, content analyses of the instructional and evaluation mate- rials revealed the use of gendered language favoring male applicants. Overall, our data reveal a 4% “loss” of women during the grant re- view procedure, and illustrate the perpetuation of the funding gap, which contributes to the underrepresentation of women in academia.