“It takes courage for a woman to say she’s afraid” – Leventhal

Anna Leventhal in the Toronto Star, regarding the online threats against women at University of Toronto:

In an age where women are routinely told we’re overreacting and being hysterical, that we should just calm down and ignore the bully, there’s absolutely no social capital to be gained by faking victimhood. It takes courage, not cowardice, to say you’re afraid, and say it publicly.

5 thoughts on ““It takes courage for a woman to say she’s afraid” – Leventhal

  1. Having grown up in NY and having had many friends over 30 years ago being abused as children and they were pushed into a corner and bullied by their abusers they stood up for themselves. I am not surprised it goes on but I would say those abused once as opposed to over extended time like women I grew up with stood up while being very young. I saw a couple other posts I wanted to say or ask a thing or two about.

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