Job Market Mentoring Programmes

These are popping up all over, and that’s a thoroughly good thing.

There’s the Job Candidate Mentoring Program for Women in Philosophy, here.

And now there’s a new one for those in need to mentoring who don’t fit the remit of the women’s program, at the Philosophers’ Cocoon.

Consequently, we have decided to propose a job-market mentorship program for these individuals here at the Cocoon to complement the Mentoring Program for Women in Philosophy: that is, a philosophy job-market mentoring program for those in need who cannot utilize the Mentoring Program for Women in Philosophy. The aim of this mentoring project will be just what it sounds like: a scheme to enable job candidates in philosophy who face special challenges, including those with little access to mentoring (e.g., because their department or advisor does not offer this), to receive advice and support from more experienced members of the profession.

Great stuff, and hopefully there’s something for everyone who needs it!

One thought on “Job Market Mentoring Programmes

  1. Thank you for linking to our program! We will prioritize all genders equally (as Marcus already said in an update), so women who cannot find a mentor through the women’s mentoring program are welcome to submit a form with us.

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