6 thoughts on “Stubblefield convicted of sexual assault

  1. I’m publishing the comment above hesitatingly, and I will publish no more comments that express the same content. I think this kind of question is extremely unhelpful, and hurtful to the victim (and victims elsewhere). D.J. was not found to be able to consent according to the court, and even if he were able to use FC successfully (something for which we have zero evidence for beyond the testimony of his convicted assailant), it would be utterly inappropriate to rely on communication in which he was assisted by the very person who took advantage of him. There’s a reason why there are rules governing relationships like that of doctor/patient, therapist/client, and so on. It’s ripe for exploitation and manipulation, and that’s before we add in the fact that Stubblefield was, supposedly, his only means of communicating with the world beyond some basic physical movements, the fact that FC is not an established means of communication, and the fact that FC has been shown to be used in the past in ways where the purported facilitators were shown to be influencing or entirely creating communications that resulted from the process.

  2. If anything good can come out of this, maybe it will be helping more people see that sentences in the US are, pretty much across the board, too long and too harsh.

  3. Dj has the mental capacity of a 3 year old. I’m not convinced that serving a 10 year sentence is too harsh (if that’s what she gets). The only difference between dj and an actual 3 yr old is size.

  4. “The only difference between dj and an actual 3 yr old is size.”

    This is both deeply ignorant and deeply offensive. Adults with cognitive disabilities are not just like children, as any caretaker or advocate can tell you.

  5. Another moderating note — these events are bringing out a lot of tensions on all sides. I’ve already said I won’t publish further comments on this post questioning whether or not D.J. could consent, so, please, don’t be surprised if I don’t. I also won’t publish comments responding to particular comments that fail to engage with what the comment being responded to says.

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