Dialogues on Disability – Joshua St. Pierre

I’m a bit late posting about this due to internet difficulties, so many readers will probably already have seen that the latest installment in Shelley Tremain’s interview series is out. But for those of you who haven’t, her subject this time is Joshua St. Pierre, who talks to Shelley about dysfluent speech and communicative disability (amongst other things)!

My guest today is Joshua St. Pierre, a Ph.D. student in philosophy at the University of Alberta. Joshua has a wide range of interests within feminist philosophy, disability studies, posthumanism, eugenics, phenomenology, political theory, and communication studies. When Joshua is not writing, he edits a blog, takes trips to the off-leash park with his dog Scholar, reads graphic novels, or goes out for brunch.

Thanks to Shelley – and Joshua – for yet another fascinating and important piece. You can read the interview here.