2 thoughts on “Disappointed in Germaine Greer?

  1. I am — but I can’t help feeling like this particular riposte shows she is right about one thing, misogyny-wise: “Try being an old woman”.

    & that’s intersectional, too — what old feminist of colour gets any media air time, who is not bell hooks? She’s terrific, but not even that old (and doesn’t get that much air time, either).

  2. The trans-misogyny is old news to most. It’s the “no platforming” issue that is new and seems to be stoking the fire of controversy. I can’t help but think that this is a particular flash point over a much broader issue about who controls the university and who the university is for. From what I’ve read of the student perspective on this, they don’t consider this as a “free speech” issue but an assertion of their right to determine who should be allowed into their “home”. All the way back to the middle-ages, the university was also split between student- and teacher-based models of organization.

    The Greer scenario seems a long the same lines of May 68 to me, where the students are expression dissatisfaction with the agenda imposed upon them by establish academic authority. If place this against the background of a general deterioration of the university as a public good, the corporatization of the university and large amounts of student debt, we can imagine how hollow the claims of “free speech” must ring for students. If the current generation of students looks terrifyingly hostile to freedom, then it may have a lot to do with just how little freedom they now have when compared to previous generations of students.

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