Peter Ludlow Resigns

As you may have already read on Daily Nous, Peter Ludlow resigned from Northwestern. The Huffington Post reports:

Philosophy professor Peter Ludlow has resigned from Northwestern University, the Evanston, Illinois-based school confirmed Tuesday.

Ludlow resigned his tenured professorship on Monday as the university prepared to fire him after determining he sexually harassed two students. Ludlow’s behavior was “an affront to the standards” of Northwestern, the university said, and the private school “regrets the pain that was caused by his actions.” . .

The graduate student who accused Ludlow of harassment, and asked to remain anonymous, said it was a relief the process was finally over.

“It wasn’t an easy decision to come forward,” the student told The Huffington Post on Tuesday. “I did not take this lightly, and it has not been easy at any juncture. I don’t want anything from anyone, I just want to believe this is a system we can put our trust in.”

The only lawsuit that’s still alive, and the only one that even made it to discovery, was the state court complaint from the female undergraduate accusing Ludlow of violations of the Illinois Gender Violence Act. . .

The graduate student noted that she felt there was irony in most of the lawsuits coming to a close more quickly than the university’s internal process.