If Sexual Assaults Were Bear Attacks

College Humor has a video depicting men reacting to a potential bear attack in a possible world where bears statistically kill one in five people. One guy insists it’s not really his problem.

You wouldn’t want to be that guy in that possible world. Don’t be him in this one, either.

3 thoughts on “If Sexual Assaults Were Bear Attacks

  1. I would have preferred that the risk factor be an entity other than a bear or any free-living animal. While I think this is clever, I don’t accept this particular analogy. A captive bear might well be agitated and risky, but not because the animal is involved in systematic domination.

  2. Nice idea, but I’m not sure what this video is meant to accomplish. The opposition to the 1 in 5 statistic doesn’t come from people who accept that figure but say it doesn’t bother them: it comes from people who dispute its accuracy and say it’s significantly overblown. Probably the video will get people already concerned about campus rape to think that those who aren’t up in arms about the 1 in 5 statistic are being stupid or evil, but it’s hard to see how that will translate into an effective conversation with the right people.

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