Hi again, googlers

The google searches that lead people to our little blog are a treasure trove of randomness. Some are mundane (‘feminist philosophers’, ‘feminist philosophy blog’), many are disturbingly misogynistic, racist, or both, plenty are just people looking for a stunning variety of fetish porn. If you want to know why many of us prefer pseudonyms, all you need is a quick glance at our blog’s google search history plus the fact that, as academics, our contact information is easily accessible. The internet is a weird place. As I’ve done before, this post is a little snap shot of some of the more amusingly random searches that have lead to our blog in the past few weeks:

‘Is dental hygiene racist?’

No. Also. . .what?

‘Further thoughts on camel toe’

Do we really need further thoughts on this?

‘Feminists are stupid’

Your face is stupid.

‘Philosophers are annoying’

Okay, that one’s fair.

‘I like spanking my mom’

Moving on. . .

‘wwww.hairy twats.com’

You know, if you know the url you don’t need google. Also, yikes.

‘Which gay and lesbian nightclubs feature hot oil wrestling’

I hope you found what you were looking for, googler. You sound like fun.

‘How to get away from philosophy guys’

Drop a shiny counterexample on the ground, then run away while they are distracted. Good luck.

‘Dickheads and assholes’

Yeah, I can see why that search would take you to a philosophy blog. And finally. . .

‘Tigger warnings’

This one’s for you, googler!

6 thoughts on “Hi again, googlers

  1. I’m against Tigger warnings. If students can’t handle a cuddly tiger, they shouldn’t be in college.

  2. Speaking of pseudonyms… Is yours a declaration of adherence to one of the alternatives David Lewis defined for his metaphysics of possible worlds? (I’m a linguistic ersatzer, myself.)

  3. Not so much a declaration of adherence as a joking, geeky reference. But yes, definitely Lewisian!

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