Pregnant scientist uninvited

In July, U.K.-based Samantha Decombel was invited to speak at a conference about science and entrepreneurship. Decombel, who earned her Ph.D. in genetics, is the cofounder of FitnessGenes. The company customizes diet and exercises plans based on people’s genetic traits….

But when it came time to actually book the travel, Decombel was put in touch with someone at the European Commission, which was footing the bill for speakers.

That’s when things started to go awry. After Decombel reiterated that she wanted to travel by train because she was pregnant, she received an email revoking her invite.

“Our colleagues from the European Commission are not very enthusiastic to take a risk for your health making you travel to Brussels at the late stage of your pregnancy,” read the email, sent on September 4.

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One thought on “Pregnant scientist uninvited

  1. Horrible paternalism, it seems.

    My spouse keeps telling me not to explain anything. They don’t need to know why you want to travel one way rather than another. Maybe you are phobic.

    I always feel brief-ish explanations are polite and even, perhaps, part of what under Gricean rules would count as relevant. Do you have a view about implicatures for this sort of case, Jenny?

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