A New Network and a CfP for Feminist Philosophy

Feminist History of Philosophy

CfP Feminist philosophy: Time and History

Umeå University, March 15-17 2016

Abstract deadline: December 14

Nordic Summer University

Umeå Center for Gender Studies

Department of historical, philosophical, and religious studies, Umeå University.

Invited speakers

Tuija Pulkkinen, Academy professor at the Department of philosophy, history and culture, Helsinki University.

Kristina Fjelkestam, Professor in gender studies, Stockholm University.

Claudia Lindén, docent and associate professor in literature, Södertörn University.

Sara Edenheim, docent in history and associate professor in gender studies, Umeå University.

What is the relationship between feminism and philosophy today? Although feminist philosophy is now a recognized field in the institution of philosophy, a tension between the two terms still seem to persist. Compared to the status of feminism in other disciplines in the humanities and the social sciences, feminist philosophy is generally marginalized in departments for philosophy. A lot of work in feminist philosophy is done in other…

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