Student evaluations gender bias

The researchers took two online course instructors, one male and one female, and gave them two classes to teach. Each professor presented as his or her own gender to one class and the opposite to the other.

The results were astonishing. Students gave professors they thought were male much higher evaluations across the board than they did professors they thought were female, regardless of what gender the professors actually were.

See the full article here.

6 thoughts on “Student evaluations gender bias

  1. I have sometimes wondered whether there isn’t an easy fix for this: colleges can simply adjust overall scores by a factor that corresponds to the measured student bias at that institution. If male teachers get 15% higher scores at college X, female profs have their scores adjusted up 15%, assuming the number of profs overall is statistically significant. Certainly there would be individual cases where this might result in inaccurate evaluations, but that is surely better than the current system, where gender bias guarantees inaccurate evaluations.

  2. So, how do you get colleges to stop doing evals–and using them for personnel decisions? My place makes big noises about ‘diversity’, funds a LGBT student organization, has gender studies and ethnic studies programs, etc. but is putting increasing pressure on my department to require us to submit evals for assessment. I’ve said that whatever happens I will not do it.

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