Query from a reader:feminist philosophy in UK

UPDATE: Feel free to submit information on your own department, listing who you have working on/interested in feminism and trans issues.


A reader is looking for a UK PhD program in feminist philosophy, especially one where they can pursue trans issues.

I hereby invite readers to offer their suggestions!  Please don’t say anything negative– only suggest places that you have reason to believe are good, ideally mentioning the people in the department who would be helpful.  (Though of course you should mention if any of the information is objectively inaccurate– e.g. “No, X isn’t there any more.”)

A note in advance: this methodology will only yield a list of places to check out.  Anyone wanting to pursue graduate study should use this list merely as a starting place, and do investigations of their own, including preferably a visit and some chats with current students.

4 thoughts on “Query from a reader:feminist philosophy in UK

  1. Is it possible to clarify whether the PhD should ultimately be *in Philosophy*? As far as I’m aware there are several great UK departments with great people doing feminist philosophy, including on trans issues — only that those aren’t *Philosophy* departments

  2. I don’t see why it should have to be in a philosophy department. The students desire is to do a PhD in feminist philosophy, not to do it in any particular sort of department.

  3. I’m going to set an example of providing information about one’s own department! At Sheffield we have me, Miranda Fricker, and Jules Holroyd who all specialise in Feminism. Komarine Romdenh-Romluc is also very interested in the area. We have had a weekly feminism reading group running for about 15 years, and I am currently supervising a PhD dissertation in which trans issues are a very strong component.

  4. A friend of mine (Sonja Erikäinen, PhD candidate at Leeds) suggests Huddersfield (Surya Monro) and Leeds (Sally Hines, Jay Prosser).

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