UN finds “shocking” levels of discrimination against women in the US

The mission examined the conditions for women in areas like economic and social life, access to health care, reproductive health and rights, as well as women’s safety.

“While all women are the victims of these missing rights, women who are poor, belong to Native American, Afro-American and Hispanic ethnic minorities, migrant women, LBTQ women, women with disabilities and older women are disparately vulnerable,” the experts stressed….


Furthermore, “we are shocked by the lack of mandatory standards for workplace accommodation for pregnant women, post-natal mothers and persons with care responsibilities, which are required in international human rights law.”…

In addition, the US is one of only two countries in the world (the other being Papua New Guinea) without mandatory paid maternity leave for all women workers. “This is unthinkable in most other societies,” said Frances Raday, one of the UN monitors.

Paid maternity leave is only provided in three states (California, New Jersey, Rhode Island) and in federal government employment, but it is just for six weeks, which is beneath the international minimum of 14 weeks….

Perhaps the most stunning revelation, is the sharp increase in maternal mortality rates in the US, according to the human rights experts. The ratio went up by 136 percent between 1990 and 2013.  “These numbers also hide distressing ethnic and socio-economic disparities. Afro-American women are nearly four times more at risk to die in childbirth,” the report says….


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