Dialogues on Disability -Damion Kareem Scott

The latest instalment in Shelley’s excellent series of interviews is now out. This time, she talks to Damion Kareem Scott about a range of issues, including African-American aesthetics, research into schizophrenia, the experience of violence and racial oppression, and more…

My guest today is Damion Kareem Scott. Damion is an adjunct professor in Philosophy and Africana Studies at the City University of New York, a M.A. student in African American Studies at Columbia University, and a Ph.D. student in Philosophy at Stony Brook University. Damion is passionate about music and dance, though he doesn’t dance as much as he once did. Damion enjoys traveling and looks for ways to do so on the cheap. He also enjoys interacting with non-human animals, listening to music, and watching films and loves table tennis.

You can read the full interview here. Thanks to Shelley and Damion for a thought-provoking piece.