A-Level Philosophy and Gender: some excellent news

There’s great news about the A-Level Philosophy syllabus, that deserves to be widely shared.  The BPA has worked hard to ensure an improved representation of women philosophers: there are now two women among the required authors for every one of the topics covered.  The BPA writes:


We raised concerns about the absence of women in the initial draft of the subject content and have worked closely with other stakeholders to ensure that the work of women is necessarily represented in any and every qualification for AS/A-level philosophy.  We were pleased that our concerns were accepted immediately and heartened by the willingness of all stakeholders to work closely with us to address them.

The subject content sets out the minimum requirements for any qualification and we welcome and are committed to supporting further work to ensure that the content of AS/A-levels in philosophy fully represents the diversity we see in our field.

The women philosophers in the DfE subject content demonstrate both that women have always been engaged in philosophy and provides schools and colleges with the opportunity to consider why they are less well-known than their male counterparts.  There are also up-to-date works by women who are high profile and active in their fields.

We are pleased that there are now eight women philosophers whose work must be studied by any student taking an A-level in philosophy, with the work of four women being studied by students taking AS.

Importantly, this is NOT the Philosophy and Ethics A-Level.  That is actually (as I understand it) the very misleading name for the Religious Studies A-Level.  It doesn’t contain any women at all, and there is quite rightly a petition about this.  (I was confused about this myself until this morning.)



Nominations for best book in social philosophy?

Each year, the North American Society for Social Philosophy honors the best book published in social philosophy during the previous year with the NASSP Book Award. The Book Award Committee invites you to nominate a book(s) to compete for this award for the year 2015.

The Award will be offered to the book published in 2015 that makes the most significant contribution to social philosophy.  The field is to be construed broadly, to include social and political philosophy, philosophy of law, philosophy of social science and social ethics.  Excluded are anthologies, historical studies, and work on ethics that lack a distinctly social component.  For the purpose of this award, a book will normally be considered to have been published in the year of its copyright, rather than the year of its release, unless there are exceptional circumstances that warrant otherwise.

The Award is presented each year at our annual conference, where the author receives a plaque and participates in a panel presentation concerning the book.  The comments and a response from this panel will be published in Social Philosophy Today.  The winning book and other nominated books are displayed at the conference and publicized on our website, and in our refereed journal, The Journal of SocialPhilosophy.

Please click on the link below to submit your nomination.


All nominations must be submitted December 31, 2015.

CFP: Barcelona Language and Politics

GRSelona3 — Third Barcelona Conference on Gender, Race, and Sexuality: Issues in Language and Politics – Call for Papers

Dates: 22-23 June 2016
Venue: Residencia d’Investigadors (C/ Hospital 64, 08001 Barcelona)

The conference will focus on issues in philosophy of gender, race, and sexuality, with special attention to issues in language and politics, including but not limited to: slurs and pejorative terms, generics, hate speech, pornography, the meaning of terms for race, gender and sex, and ameliorative projects in philosophy.

Invited Speakers:

•       Luvell Anderson (Memphis)
•       Anne Eaton (Illinois-Chicago)
•       Quayshawn Spencer (Pennsylvania)


Submissions of full papers (up to 4000 words, plus an abstract of up to 150 words) are invited. Please send them in suitable form for anonymous reviewing as PDF attachments to GRSelona@gmail.com. The closing date for submissions is 15 January 2016. We expect to confirm which papers have been accepted by the end of March. Budget permitting, accommodation expenses for contributed speakers will be covered.

Scientific Committee:

Marc Artiga (Barcelona)
Delia Belleri (Vienna)
Alex Davies (Tartu)
Dan López de Sa (ICREA/Barcelona)
David Ludwig (Amsterdam)
Teresa Marques (UPF)
José Martínez (Barcelona)
Mari Mikkola (Humboldt)
Jennifer Saul (Sheffield)
Pepa Toribio (ICREA/Barcelona)

Organized by:

Esa Diaz-Leon (Department of Logic, History and Philosophy of Science; University of Barcelona), sponsored by a Ramon y Cajal Research Grant (RYC-2012-10900), Spanish Government.
For further info, please check www.ub.edu/grs or contact GRSelona@gmail.com.