Nominations for best book in social philosophy?

Each year, the North American Society for Social Philosophy honors the best book published in social philosophy during the previous year with the NASSP Book Award. The Book Award Committee invites you to nominate a book(s) to compete for this award for the year 2015.

The Award will be offered to the book published in 2015 that makes the most significant contribution to social philosophy.  The field is to be construed broadly, to include social and political philosophy, philosophy of law, philosophy of social science and social ethics.  Excluded are anthologies, historical studies, and work on ethics that lack a distinctly social component.  For the purpose of this award, a book will normally be considered to have been published in the year of its copyright, rather than the year of its release, unless there are exceptional circumstances that warrant otherwise.

The Award is presented each year at our annual conference, where the author receives a plaque and participates in a panel presentation concerning the book.  The comments and a response from this panel will be published in Social Philosophy Today.  The winning book and other nominated books are displayed at the conference and publicized on our website, and in our refereed journal, The Journal of SocialPhilosophy.

Please click on the link below to submit your nomination.

All nominations must be submitted December 31, 2015.