Jason Stanley on Trump

Donald Trump’s support is in large part due to the fact that he gives explicit voice to ideologies that are outside the bounds of public respectability. It is natural to think that the problem then is not Trump, but rather the prevalence of these ideologies. Indeed, you might think that in some sense Donald Trump couldn’t be the problem. A candidate giving voice to such ideologies would only attract support to the extent to which those ideologies have underlying support. If so, much of the criticism that has been directed at Trump’s candidacy is misguided. Perhaps we should even be grateful to Trump for making explicit what is so often present yet hypocritically denied.

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5 thoughts on “Jason Stanley on Trump

  1. Trump is an easy target. When a philosopher is willing to talk about how the police and media conspired to cover up the Cologne attacks against women, then I’ll be interested…

  2. Thanks for calling our attention to the horrible Cologne story, which I’d been unaware of. But the fact that this important story has gone underreported does nothing to offset my belief in the immense importance of understanding the nature of Trump’s success so that it can be properly fought.

    You are totally entitled to find Trump uninteresting, of course. But no need to sneer at those who think it’s important.

  3. how the police and media conspired to cover up the Cologne attacks against women

    Well, the New York Times has had at least three pieces (just that I’ve noticed) on it in the last few days, so I’m not sure what the evidence for the media “conspiring to cover up” the situation is. (Their reports make it sound as if there is significant discussion in Germany, too.)

  4. This post is about Stanley’s piece on Trump and mass incarceration. Off-topic comments will no longer be approved.

  5. Are the Trump views outside the bounds of public respectability? I’m really not clear what’s going to count as public, but I fear fairly wide pockets of the country do not, to say the least, respect Trump’s targets.

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