Meet the new Fuck Off Fund story, same as…

I read “A Story of a Fuck Off Fund” as a diversion, a pragmatic story of self-rescue. I thought, how classic, it’s like a really spare, sad and yet kickass 2016 version of a story that one would have found in any issue of Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s Forerunner magazine, or a sort of short-story version of her Women and Economics, the like of which she would have strongly approved. It’s evocative of particular forms of feminism that progressive-era Americans articulated.

I thought that right up until the second-to-last line, “It’s a story no one ever told me.” That weighs on my heart a bit. Gilman would understand, but I imagine she’d be incredibly sad to read that the FOF is a story that isn’t told. Recommended if only because the not-told note is one I wish to resist.

The story is not a comprehensive take-down of structural systems of injustice, I realize. It’s just a story. But I’m moved to share it by the comments of women who connected so strongly with it; see the reactions below the story.

2 thoughts on “Meet the new Fuck Off Fund story, same as…

  1. I found that article surprisingly powerful…until it wasn’t. Yes, I know that it wasn’t meant as a take-down of structural systems of injustice, but I was frustrated because it *almost* could have been. The first scenario was a painfully realistic example of how empowerment and “save yourself” feminism is limited by financial and social reality. So I was disappointed that the big solution to all this was presented simply as saving more money. Not that it’s bad practical advice in the very non-ideal world, but I still cringe at the idea that women are expected to pay for their own physical/sexual abuse “insurance.” Uncritically accepting this set-up comes a little too close to victim-blaming, not to mention that this is an extra financial burden for being a woman.

    Sure it was just a story with some financial advice, not a social critique. I guess I just wanted it to be more.

  2. I was saddened by ot. I so wanted it to be true, and it is true in a way, judging by the responses. Perhaps I wished Id had those wise ladies in my past !

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