Philosophical works for 12-15 year olds?

UPDATE:  I think she’s not so much seeking things written for children, as works of philosophy that are relatively accessible to teenagers.


A reader is seeking suitable texts by women and members of other (and overlapping) underrepresented groups for teaching philosophy to 12-15 year olds.


I hereby ask for suggestions in comments!

9 thoughts on “Philosophical works for 12-15 year olds?

  1. Anne Conway’s Principles–Bennett’s version at is accessible, and it’s just tons of fun.

  2. I think the anthology I edited, *Philosophers Without Gods*, contains a number of essays that would be appropriate for thoughtful tweens and teens. There are essays by me, Elizabeth Anderson, and Marica Homiak — all quite accessible, I think.

  3. TImothy Williamson’s *Tetralogue* might be a fun read as well. In fact, I strongly recommend the dialogue form; I remember finding dialogues much easier to read than philosophy papers or books when I was a teen…

  4. I have used Barbara Montero’s “On the Philosophy of Mind” with students that age and they found it quite accessible. I have also use Susan Blackmore’s Oxford “Consciousness: A Short Introduction” and some chapters from her “Consciousness: An Introduction.”

  5. If she’s interested in political philosophy, “The Curious Enlightentment of Prof. Caritat” by Steven Lukes might be something.

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