Multiple choice quiz time: female professors …

1. … are appropriately sexualized in their professional capacity while at their place of work.

2. … get all pleased and flirty and giggly on receipt of sexual attention from their male students.

3. … should be addressed as “Miss X”.

4. … all of the above.

If you picked 4, you will love this video from Simon Fraser University, employer of several female professors.*

It’s all about conserving energy, obviously.

* The video has been removed by SFU following complaints.

One thought on “Multiple choice quiz time: female professors …

  1. I am a female faculty member at SFU. The video was circulated by our Facilities Management Unit as part of their communications about ‘Sweater Day’ — an effort to conserve energy by lowering the thermostats. Once one faculty member noticed, and complained, the video was actually taken down within an hour of the complaint by the VP, External Relations. The following is her ultimate email, all of three hours or so after the original complaint (there was an initial communication indicating that the complaint was received and being addressed).

    “My personal thanks to the members of our SFU community who flagged this video as inappropriate. As the video was produced by an external vendor, I had not seen it. When I did watch it, I immediately agreed with the feedback we had received that the video is inappropriate, sexist, and not in keeping with our equity commitments. We took steps to remove the video as quickly as possible and have followed up with the group who produced and distributed the video to ensure it will no longer be used.

    This issue raises more serious concerns, and I’d like to share with you some of the immediate actions to our work practices to avoid these incidences:

    *Future requests to share information by email to the SFU community will be vetted by leaders within University Communications.
    *Videos posted to SFU’s YouTube channel will also be reviewed by University Communications.
    *Staff of the department responsible for this video will be required to undergo appropriate training to ensure an equitable and safe work environment for everyone in the SFU community

    If you have other ideas or suggestions, please feel free to respond to me directly.”

    I wish that dealing with equity issues in higher education were this straightforward.

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