5 thoughts on “Finally… Men can drink wine!

  1. The moral being, I suppose, that sexism ruins everything, even having a drink with friends, even wine.

  2. JCM, you don’t think it’s transparently funny that a man’s masculinity is compromised by the presence of stemware?

  3. In addition to the obvious stupidity of the whole thing, there’s the added stupidity that, 1) beer in cans is generally a worse product than draft beer or beer in a bottle. If you’re out at a bar, and it’s a decent bar, you should get draft beer. If it’s not a decent bar, you should probably not go there. 2) Wine at bars is generally a bad deal. Most wine at bars that isn’t really expensive is very bad wine and you shouldn’t drink it anyway. You can have a really good beer (or cocktail) for the price of an awful glass of wine at most bars, and wine that is good enough to want to drink (not even really good wine, but good enough) is really very expensive at bars, and so typically not worth the money. So the whole thing is based on a number of bad ideas all around.

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