Update and petition regarding firing of tenure profs by bunny-drowning president

There are some serious principles at stake here.  Number One is whether a tenured profs can be fired at will for disloyalty ro a president.





(Petition prepared by John Schwenkler.)



2 thoughts on “Update and petition regarding firing of tenure profs by bunny-drowning president

  1. Another aspect of this that hasn’t been publicized enough is that the survey distributed by Mt. St. Mary’s sought to identify people with depression so they could be targeted for pressure to leave the school.

    The survey asked students whether the following statement applied to them during the last week: “I felt that I could not shake the blues, even with the help of family and friends.” Students were lead to believe that the school was reaching out to help them with this survey, and were specifically told that there would be no repercussions to them, when in fact the goal was to get them to leave the school early so that the school would look better.

    Think about how lies like this impact students on our campuses who might need help right now and aren’t sure who to trust.


  2. rloftis, I agree. I think that misrepresentations to students such as this one are at least totally dishonorable. I would actually talk about the harm that is done, but on reflection I wonder how many wholly honest administrators there are. Perhaps self-protective cynicism is an inevitable product of schooling.

    I once heard a late principal of an institution that I in many ways admire describe how she conspired to mislead students so that their protests would take place out of sight of their target. I really do not know how people supposedly committed to rigorous inquiry can so blatantly fail to be models of truthfulness themselves.

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