Re-Sounding Voices: Women, Silence, and the Production of Knowledge

Registration is now open for the International Women’s Day conference:

“Re-Sounding Voices: Women, Silence and the Production of Knowledge” 

Tuesday, 8th March, 2016.
St. Aidan’s College, Durham University

Keynote Speakers: Mary Midgley, Pamela Sue Anderson, Katharine Cockin

“Re-sounding Voices” is an interdisciplinary conference, with speakers from philosophy, sociology, anthropology, english, history and cultural studies. Philosophical highlights include:

— Pamela Sue Anderson on confidence

— Jen Hornsby on Fregean tone and sexist slurs

— Benjamin Lipscomb on the daughters of 1919 (Midgley, Foot, Anscombe, and Murdoch)

— Mary Midgley on being a woman in philosophy

— Sara Uckleman on Medieval women and the adversariality of logic

To register and for programme details, visit:

APA statement on bullying and abuse

The APA has released a statement of their opposition to bullying and abuse.  As I note in my comment here, it’s a remarkable reflection of the state of our profession that this is controversial.

From Inside Higher Ed:

As for the APA statement, [George Yancy] said that the association “is encouraging philosophers (and nonphilosophers) not to engage in threatening discourse, nasty putdowns, racist and sexist insults. It is seeking forms of discourse that are critical, but not filled with hatred or derogatory personal attacks or insults. In my case, after viewing many of the messages that I received in response to ‘Dear White America,’ I think that the APA wisely took this as an important opportunity to speak out against what was/is clearly unacceptable violent and racist discourse and to show support for members who engage in various forms of public philosophy, especially forms that challenge crucial issues of our contemporary moment. There is so much more work that needs to be done as the APA rethinks its identity, but it is on the right track and I am thankful for that.”