Re-Sounding Voices: Women, Silence, and the Production of Knowledge

Registration is now open for the International Women’s Day conference:

“Re-Sounding Voices: Women, Silence and the Production of Knowledge” 

Tuesday, 8th March, 2016.
St. Aidan’s College, Durham University

Keynote Speakers: Mary Midgley, Pamela Sue Anderson, Katharine Cockin

“Re-sounding Voices” is an interdisciplinary conference, with speakers from philosophy, sociology, anthropology, english, history and cultural studies. Philosophical highlights include:

— Pamela Sue Anderson on confidence

— Jen Hornsby on Fregean tone and sexist slurs

— Benjamin Lipscomb on the daughters of 1919 (Midgley, Foot, Anscombe, and Murdoch)

— Mary Midgley on being a woman in philosophy

— Sara Uckleman on Medieval women and the adversariality of logic

To register and for programme details, visit:

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