SCP to host prayer service addressing sexual harassment and sexual assault within the philosophical community at the Central APA

The announcement from the Society of Christian Philosophers:

Sexual harassment and assault have been serious problems within our discipline for a long time; currently, there is a great deal of anger and dismay within the philosophical community over the extent and severity of these continuing problems, the lack of open acknowledgment of the issues, and the primary and secondary harms to which victims have been subject. One of the biggest frustrations for many is the lack of visible displays of support for victims, particularly on the part of more established scholars.

With this in mind, in connection with its other continuing efforts to address this issue, and in full recognition of the fact that this is barely a beginning, the Society of Christian Philosophers is holding an ecumenical service of lament and prayer for those affected by sexual harassment and assault within the philosophical community at the Central APA: 8pm on Thursday, March 3, in the SCP suite (location will be posted here). Services of prayer form an important part of the Christian tradition of standing in solidarity with those who are suffering, of opposing the behaviors and institutional structures that contribute to their suffering, of reflecting together on our own individual or corporate complicity with perpetrators, and of lamenting the injustice done. Such prayer does not discharge our moral responsibility for the situations and structures we are part of and work within, and it is no substitute for action–rather, it functions as a reminder that we never act alone, but are always empowered by God when we work for justice and strive to create hospitable institutions to house creative work.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join us for this service, which will be led by Marilyn McCord Adams and will last approximately 30 minutes.  Those who have questions about the service or would like to see the liturgy are welcome to contact Marilyn McCord Adams, Michael Rea, or Christina Van Dyke.