Agency, Power, and Policy conference

Registration is now open for the University of Birmingham’s Centre for the Study of Global Ethics second annual conference Topics in Global Justice, Agency, Power, and Policy. Click here to register: . Further updates on the program will be available here: .

Topics in Global Justice: Agency, Power, Policy
May 26

900-1000 Serena Parekh (Northeastern)-Taking Seriously the Agency of Refugees 

1015-1145 Grad Panel 1: 
Jorge Fabra Zamora (McMaster)- Making Justice Real: The Challenges of Global Law; 
Blair Peruniak (Oxford)-Displacement, Responsibility, and Massively Shared Agency; Andrew Molas (York)- Defending the CRPD: Dignity, Flourishing, and the Universal Right to Mental Health

1145-100 Lunch

100-215 Invited Keynote: Clare Chambers (Cambridge)—Regulating Religious Marriage

215-315 Jennifer Morton (City College of NY)- Can Education Undermine Representation?

330-430 Alison Jaggar (Colorado/Birmingham) and Corwin Aragon (Concordia) – Agency, Complicity, and Global Ethics: Social Power and the Responsibility to Remedy Structural Injustice

445-615 Public Lecture: Carl Hart (Columbia) How Pot (and other recreational drugs) Can Cure Racism

700-900 Conference Dinner

May 27

900-1000 Serene Khader (Brooklyn College)- Do Muslim Women Really Need Freedom? 

1030-1200 Grad Panel 2: 
Stephanie Sheintul (Wisconsin)- Moral Status and Paternalism; 
Ji Young Lee (Bristol) A Millian Perspective on Paternalism; 
Nicolas Brando (KU Leuven) Cultivating the Potential Self: Children and Agency in the Contractarian and Capability Theory

1200-100 Lunch

100-215 Invited Keynote: Kimberley Brownlee—Global Issues of Sociability

215-315 Steve Weidmer (Arkansas State)- Adaptive Preferences and Respect for Agency 

330-430 Heather Widdows (Birmingham)-The Demands of Beauty: Choice, Coercion, and Exploitation

Transportation and Accommodation:
The University of Birmingham is easily accessible by train, with the University stop on campus, about a 5 minute walk from the conference venue. Further details on getting to and from campus are available here:

Accommodation on the University of Birmingham campus is available through Venue Birmingham ( Further accommodation nearby in the city of Birmingham is available here: (


Arrangements are still being made with regards to accessibility of the conference. We aim to make the conference as accessible as possible and are working with the University to ensure an inclusive conference. Further information will be forthcoming shortly.


The conference is made possible by funding from the Society for Applied Philosophy, the MIND Association, and the University of Birmingham.