From the editors of Philosophia Mathematica

In light of a recent incident we discussed here, the editors of the journal Philosophia Mathematica have issued this brief statement:

In the recent review of Nick Haverkamp’s Intuitionism vs. Classicism: A Mathematical Attack on Classical Logic in Philosophia Mathematica, published online on October 27th 2015, a paragraph was included that did not meet the standards for which we aim in the journal. We apologise for this. The review has now been retracted and procedures have been established to prevent similar episodes in the future.

Good Practice Guidance on Women in Philosophy

The British Philosophical Association and SWIP UK put out good practice guidance on women in philosophy back in 2013.  We have now had 19 British departments, 1 American department, and quite a few journals, learned societies, conferences, and projects sign up for the scheme.  In recent weeks, I have found myself repeatedly giving out the link to the scheme.  So here’s a link in case you’d like to take a look!  While it was originally conceived as just something for the UK, we’re thrilled to have others adopting it as well.


I should note: we view this as a beginning, not as a comprehensive guide to good practices.  We are working on expanding in various ways.


“Brilliance” and diversity

A study published today in PLOS ONE tracked disciplinary differences in “brilliance”-related vocabulary on RateMyProfessors, finding that “a field’s focus on brilliance predicted the magnitude of its gender and race gaps”.

ADDENDUM: as pointed out in the comments, one of the co-authors of this article is a philosopher, Sarah-Jane Leslie (Princeton), and the work continues a project previously reported on this blog and elsewhere.