A belated philosophical celebration of International Women’s Day

Well, it’s not late, but we are!

In honor of International Women’s Day, here are 10 episodes of Why? Radio featuring some of the remarkable women we’ve had as guests. We have worked very hard to be inclusive on the show, although we have not yet reached the point at which 50% of our guests are women.

Philosophy is an overwhelmingly male discipline and we at Why? Radio are proud of our small contribution to making philosophy closer to egalitarian. (There’s still lots of work to do.) We will continue to make every effort to broadcast women’s philosophical voices and ideas, while celebrating a wide range of topics women research.

1. Carol Gilligan:  “In A Different Voice and After”

2. Mary Jo Bang: “The Philosophy of Poetry”

3. Jan Willis: “What Does Buddhism Offer an African-American Woman?”

4. Rebecca Goldstein:  “Fiction as Philosophy

5. Robin Runge:  “Domestic Violence and the Law: China vs. the U.S.A.”

6. Martha Nussbaum:  “Empathy, the Constitution and Sexual Orientation”

7. Deborah Brandt:  “Is Ghostwriting Ethical”

8. Rachel Laudan: “Cuisine and Empire: What does food tell us about culture?”

9. Seyla Benhabib:  “Can There be a World Without Borders?” 

10. WHY? Goes to China! Catherine Gao and Sheryl Jiang:  “Young, Female, and Upwardly Mobile in Shanghai”