Disability benefit cut

Suppose a survey discovered that the respondents, who were all in receipt of a certain disability benefit (the ESA), had been unable to afford to eat (28%), unable to heat their homes (38%) and struggled to stay healthy (52%). What should one do?

If you’re the political party in charge of things, it turns out that what you do is slash the benefit by around 30%, and muzzle the House of Lords who had been fighting the cut.

And this is in addition to the closure of the Independent Living Fund, leaving some people without access to the services they need to live independently.

Cuts to the ESA – more info here.

Closure of the ILF – more info here.

3 thoughts on “Disability benefit cut

  1. Oh – I thought this was the same as the Independent Living Fund – you mean this is another separate cut?? *face, palm* And the budget promises there are ‘likely’ to be more ‘cuts’ to public spending, for which read ‘it is absolute certain that there will be savage slashes’.

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