Feminist Songs

Alison Rieheld writes:


In honor of Women’s History Month, the SIUE Women’s Studies Program is running a Feminist Songs series. Though inspired by the 7 Songs in 7 Days challenge that circulates on social media every so often, we have more than enough nominations from feminist philosophers and SIUE faculty and students to go well beyond 7 days. We are currently on Day 6. Day 1 was a really substantive contextual piece about famous country artist Loretta Lynn’s The Pill and might be of particular interest (it includes excerpts from a rare Playgirl interview with Loretta Lynn about reproductive issues), though frankly all of this stuff would be interesting for feminist philosophers both for personal use and for teaching.

You can find the installments so far at: https://siuewmst.wordpress.com/wmst-blog/

A direct link to that first, Loretta Lynn piece is: https://siuewmst.wordpress.com/2016/03/09/feminist-songs-for-womens-history-month-day-1-loretta-lynns-country-music-ode-to-contraception-the-pill/

Folks who have nominated songs and briefer analyses include Elise Springer, Emma Ryman, Sue Cataldi, Anna Gotlib, and myself. The series will add new entries daily until we run out of material or I run out of Will To Post.

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  1. Practically any song from the album “Approximately Infinite Universe” by Yoko Ono (not to mention a lot of her other albums)

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