Lest we forget…

…why large numbers of people are fleeing their homes to be stranded in dire conditions at various European borders, here is one refugee’s story of her kidnapping and imprisonment by ISIS (it goes without saying, I imagine, that this content is upsetting – consider yourselves warned). She is a member of the Yazidi community, who are particularly targeted by ISIS. Nihad managed to escape after fifteen months, and now lives in a refugee camp in Iraq with her parents. One light in the awfulness are the two sentences explaining how she escaped. She was eventually taken to the house of the ISIS fighter’s cousin:

To Nihad’s amazement, however, at the house she found the sympathy that enabled her to escape. The wife and a neighbour helped the 16-year-old make the phone call to her family and secure a smuggler.

These people were brave to help her. As is Nihad, her parents, and refugees everywhere, who somehow find it in themselves to endure.

The US has recently declared that ISIS’s treatment of Yazidis, Christians, and Shiite Muslims to constitute genocide. You can read about this here.