5 thoughts on “Eagle parenting: A Sunday Treat

  1. JT, that is an amazing book.
    We have hawks in Galveston and on the way down there I also see them. They go get into groups and circle around in a way I find ominous. Watching the eagles via cams I am reminded of how red in beak and claw nature is apt to be.

  2. Even thought I suspect it’s mostly (or at least somewhat) anthropomorphic projection, I can’t help but think that mother animals (even mother eagles) look very proud when they are with their babies.

  3. MATT, I think that’s a lovely idea. Speaking as someone who has been a human mother, I see her as worried. (One eagle has black something on its head feathers; I think that’s the male.)

  4. Matt, I visited Universidade Federal de Mina Gerais in Belo Horizonte in August, and on the fourth floor, home to the philosophy department, a family of vultures nested — they may be Griffons, but the chicks were beautifully fluffy. The proud parents were wonderfully tolerant of the academic community.

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