All-female Philosophy of Mind Syllabus

Here, by Zoe Drayson:

I created this syllabus largely to show that it can be done, and to create a resource for other philosophers looking to add female authors to their syllabi. (I did not create this syllabus in an attempt to rid the philosophical world of men.)  I was also inspired by finding this personal ad on Google.

6 thoughts on “All-female Philosophy of Mind Syllabus

  1. Zoe, we never really had a chance to talk, but we have a number of friends in common in Canberra :) just wanted to say that this is really cool thing you have done. I will bring it to the attention of my old colleagues in Wellington, who had a petition to include more equal syllabuses in the courses taught at Victoria. Thanks!

  2. Does anyone know of any other all-women syllabuses for other courses? It’d be great to have a list, if there are others.

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