On trolling

Translation by Rachel Barney of a much-neglected minor writing by Aristotle.

A sample:


“The end of the troll is not in his own speech, then, but in that of the others, when
they take up his comments in as many ways as bring regret. For there is excess or
deficiency in each response, and then more again in each response to that; and every responder chooses his own words lightly but demands exactitude from the rest, and while correcting the others he introduces something new and questionable. And so resentment is built up, and the slighting begins; and the strife is the work of the troll but the origin is not clear.”


6 thoughts on “On trolling

  1. I’m fairly confident about this, but I just want to make absolutely sure: this is a pastiche of sorts, right? Barney just wrote this thing herself in the style of Aristotle; the “translation” thing is just a framing device. Yes?

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