Essex equalises female professors’ pay

The article title says “university wipes out gender pay gap with salary hike”, but it looks to me like the raise is only for the female professors.  For those who speak American, that’s just the full professors.  It COULD be that those were the only ones paid less, but it seems unlikely given the other stats in the article.  Anyway, a move in the right direction!

UPDATE: I missed the bit in the article which said there weren’t significant gaps at other pay grades.

3 thoughts on “Essex equalises female professors’ pay

  1. From the article “No significant pay gaps were identified at other grades, or for other staff groups, but the university would be taking further steps to ensure this remained the case, he said.” So, it seems other faculty did not have a pay gap.

    I agree this is awesome. Has anyone heard of any lawsuits or other efforts in the U.S. at equalizing pay at American universities? Would faculty pay issues fall under Title IX or does that only apply to student inequality?

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