Getting on and Going forward With Jo Brand

(Semi-apologies to all of you who are familiar with Brand’s comedy.  I have no idea of her, and I was impressed.)

During a very full ten days in the UK I did manage to use a BBC iplayer, on which one can watch reruns of current shows, and some past ones.  One show that was quite amazing was the first episode of Jo Brand’s new series, ‘Going Forward’.











As the author and lead actor, Jo Brand puts it,

Having failed the auditions for Darts Players’ Wives, it’s lovely to slip into a glamorous lilac nurses tunic and step into the exotic world of community health care.

Or, as the BBC puts it,

Going Forward is a universal tale and holds a mirror to modern Britain and the sacrifices made as lives are put on hold for the sake of others. The unique series treads its own fine line between tragedy and triumph to add its own bittersweet voice to this well-trodden ground.

I don’t think I’ve seen a British actor so disregard the conventions of female loveliness in role after role.  Such a relief!  The older series, Getting On, is on Hulu. You may have to have a taste for the very British form of potty-humor to enjoy it.

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  1. Very funny. Further searching shows Jo was a host on the Great British Bake Off for a season or two starting in 2014.

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