“Other Two-body Problems”

“Many times, colleagues simply assume that John was hired first, that Carol was the spousal hire.  (This, despite Carol being older and having spent more time in graduate school than John.)  Even more galling is the assumption that any new philosophical insight Carol might make is ultimately attributable to John.”

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Sexual harassment in schools

The Women and Equalities Committee has been investigating sexual harassment in schools. Its findings are pretty depressing. In short, female pupils routinely face harassment from male pupils. A lack of robust education about consent, sexual relationships, intimacy, etc. means that many pupils learn about these things via online pornography, which is now ubiquitous, as every child has a smartphone. Moreover, the attitudes towards men, women, and sex found in pornography are more extreme versions of societal attitudes. People routinely blame victims, think that some woman or other was ‘asking for it’, and so on. The ideas children find in pornography are therefore reflected – partially – by society. OFSTED’s guidance on bullying doesn’t adequately cover this kind of sexual harassment, which can be considered a type of sexual bullying.

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You can watch the committee discussion here.