Stop Protecting Abusive Academic Men

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In the last two weeks, we have seen gender, higher education and celebrity revolving around one issue our news feeds. No, I am not referring to Angelina Jolie-Pitt’s appointment as Visiting Professor at the LSE, but rather the series of revelations relating to violence against women in academia and the celebrity-verse. First, on 20th May, Buzzfeed broke the story about two allegations against renowned Yale professor Thomas Pogge for sexual misconduct. Then, on 28th May, global news outlets reported that the Los Angeles Superior Court had issued Johnny Depp with a restraining order in response to his wife Amber Heard’s evidence of a history of domestic violence during their relationship. Finally, on 30th May, one of the world’s best-known feminist scholars, Sara Ahmed, resigned from her professorship at Goldsmiths University due to the institution’s failure to tackle sexual harassment. Brought side by side, three separate events speak volumes about how the obsession with male genius and creativity continues to sustain rape culture.

One thought on “Stop Protecting Abusive Academic Men

  1. Can we see any solution apart from those with tenure naming and shaming the worst offenders? Would Pogge have been uncovered without a grad student in effect doing this (the thought catalog post)? Or Johnny Depp without Amber Heard effectively doing the same? I’m starting to feel this has gotten so bad that tenured faculty need to speak up about individuals rather than resigning in protest (laudable though Sara Ahmed’s actions were).

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