Dan Sperber’s response to an invitation from Pogge

Dan Sperber has sent us this to share:

The letter below that I just sent in response to an invitation by Profs. Pogge and Meldolesi (and that I posted on Facebook) may be relevant:
Dear Prof. Meldolesi,

I am very surprised by this invitation to a conference on on Albert Hirschman’s Legacy that you co-organise with Professor Thomas Pogge from Yale. Even if he were, implausibly, to think he is unjustly accused (see https://sites.google.com/site/thomaspoggeopenletter/), Professor Pogge should not, until he has cleared his name (if he can), even think of organising an academic conference: asking people to participate to a conference of which he is a co-organizer is tantamount to asking them to pretend that Prof. Pogge’s moral authority is not at issue, that, for instance, the academic benefit conferred by such an invitation couldn’t be used by him as what he might consider an aid to seduction and what might be better described as a tool of sexual harassment. To accept such an invitation is, in fact, to give him tacit support. When, moreover, the conference involved is intended to honor the legacy of a man of such moral integrity as Albert Hirschman, this is just sick.

This is a serious matter. I will post this letter on Facebook and other web venues.


Dan Sperber

3 thoughts on “Dan Sperber’s response to an invitation from Pogge

  1. WOW. Dan. Superbe! Ça me désole de l’admettre, ça me rend malade de le dire, mais les femmes n’aboutiront jamais sans le gravitas des hommes comme toi à leurs côtés.. Bravo.

  2. Kudos to Dan for a public, morally right-headed rejection of this invitation. We could use more senior men like him.

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