Silly steps off a cliff (addition)

By Barry Blitt



Are there good feminist reflections this situation? I suspect my mind is in an alarmed state, more geared up for action than thought.

I suppose one could reflect one feminist theme and say that in both the UK and the USA there are very serious challenges to the social order caused by a significant failure to care for large segments of the society. For me the wonder of it is that in the USA at least so many persist in failing to respond to the society’s needs despite the obvious consequences. We need gun legislation; we do not need a supreme court that can’t effectively decide some major issues. Perhaps the UK equivalent is cheerfully admitting that the facts cited to support leaving weren’t -opps! – really right.

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2 thoughts on “Silly steps off a cliff (addition)

  1. I don’t have a program (not yet anyway) but I absolutely believe that feminist alternatives are what we need. Patriarchy ruled (most of) the world for centuries; what we seeing now is women being ‘allowed into’ patriarchal structures, when what we need is a genuine feminist alternative, where caring and cooperation would not be the taken for granted, subordinate sphere, as they have been in patriarchies where competition is privileged, but central.

    For analytical starting points of patriarchal thought, I recommend Carolyn Merchant and Marilyn Waring. Waring also provides some suggestions for alternatives.

    Alternatives are mainly happening at grass roots, community level and therefore don’t make the news and are hard to capture in one description. But others must be able to add more information.

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