Some philosophy departments addressing harassment problems

The Chronicle of Higher Ed has an article today about attempts to deal with the sexual harassment that has gathered national attention. There appear to be two dominant strategies: cutting out private dept parties with lots of drinking, and trying to hire more women professors.

Boulder, Northwestern and Miami are mentioned explicitly as making efforts. That some other philosophy departments are doing so is suggested.

Harassment is said to be worse in heavily male dominated fields, and other disciplines are mentioned.

It is an interesting article which is unfortunately behind a paywall. It seems to me short on its understanding. For example, in at least some cases, the presence of harassment is part of a poisonous atmosphere that makes the place extremely difficult for most women, harassed or not. (The site visit program sponsored by the APA has resources for uncovering further problems.) In my experience too many faculty, perhaps especially those in the Old Boys’Club, are close to clueless about quite pernicious ways of thinking about women faculty and students.